Quality Guest Toiletries and Hotel Amenities

Here at Accom Assist, we know that what sets apart a good from an outstanding motel or hotel experience is the little things, like the quality of amenities and toiletries we find in our guest room or bathroom. Providing your hotel guests with premium toiletries products and accessories all add to the look and feel of your establishment.

How many times have you forked out for accommodation and found that their hotel guest supplies just weren’t up to scratch? A dab of hand soap, body gel or shampoo here and there mightn’t seem like anything memorable, but hotels serious about providing for their guests know finding quality suppliers makes all the difference.

High End Range of Guest Toiletries

Don’t let your hotel or motel toiletries, soaps and shampoos stand out for all the wrong reasons – our high end range of guest toiletries selected from our SEASPA, Evolution, Crystal and Outback Essence collections are a pleasure to use, without the high end price tag. You can also browse our amenities trays and plain label collection for all your accessories. Isn’t it time you were known as a hotel toiletries supplier with a difference?